Program 2020

9:00 - 12:00
Investor Speed Dating with selected startups
12:00 - 14:00
14:00 - 14:30
Energy Startup Day Welcome & Keynotes

Welcome Dr. Christina Marchand - Energy research at ZHAW 

Keynote Anne-Claire Pliska  Strategical Planning & Innovation Group Director at BG Consulting Engineers 

Innovation in infrastructure engineering through collaboration with start-ups

Keynote Verena Lübken Innovation Integrator at Energie360°

Gemeinde- Energieplattform- A corporate and start-up collaboration to help municipalities transform their energy system

14:30 - 17:40
Networking Afternoon: Startup Pitches and Networking Follow-up Sessions
14:30 - 1st Pitching Round:
Apilio, BluAct Technologies, LEDCity, Urbio, Plutinsus, HivePower, elblox
15:00 -  2nd Pitching Round:
E-nno Switzerland, Joulia, Smart Energy Link, WeGaw, Methanology, BitLumens, Eturnity
15:30 - 3rd Pitching Round:
DriveMyCar, MOOST, Unisers, Zevvy, EH Group Engineering, Adaptricity, CLEMAP
16:00 - Break
16:10 - 4th Pitching Round:
Green-Y Energy, hiLyte, Urban Sympheny, Gilytics, EnCoTec, AIPHA, Heizungsmacher
16:40 - 5th Pitching Round:
Ormera, Skypull, R8Tech, Insolight, Enerdrape, Arteria, MyNewEnergy
17:10 - 6th Pitching Round:
SmartHelio, myFacility, Hivoduct, Exnaton, BePooler, LINIA, Swiss Precision Lighting
17:40 - 17:55
Energy Startup Day Award & Closing
Apéro in virtual rooms









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With over 295 registrations, over 150 simultaneously participants and 42 startups the 6th Energy Startup Day was a full success. On the 1st of December Startups, incumbents, investors and industry experts were able to expand their network and make interesting new contacts. Our highlights were :

✨ 70 Speed Datings that connected startups with key investors
✨ Keynote Speeches of Anne-Claire Pliska, Verena Lübken and Christian Schaffner
✨ 42 inspiring Startup Pitches

The winners of the #EnergyStartupDay Awards and their interviews with Swisspreneur Podcast.
✨ Public Choice Award : Insolight

✨ Investors Choice Award : Exnaton

✨ Experts Choice Award : BluAct Technologies

A big thank you to CKW and Energie 360° AG for supporting the event and to all the participants for the active contribution.

We hope to see you all in June 2021 at the 7th Energy Startup Day at the Powertage in Messe Zürich!

Find here selected filmed interviews with prominent Swiss Energy Startups.

Presentation Slides 2020

Startup Rating and Support

Startups 2020


Adaptricity provides smart grid analytics software tools and expertise for grid operators.


AIPHA GmbH provides Deep Learning based tools to automatically identify vegetation based threats to power lines. The main focus are grow-in, fall-in and forest fire threats. For this purpose, Geodata like Satellite images or Point Clouds from Drones or Airborne Laserscanning are evaluated.


Automates routines at your home with almost any connected device – for less energy consumption and more comfort.


Arteria is a fully-fledged IoT solution which transform heating grids into digital energy infrastructure. It is able to create a digital twin of any network, regardless of size, complexity or behavior. It supports the transition to a decarbonized heating sector and allows to increase security of supply, competitiveness of grid-related services and consumer acceptance.


The Lugano-based startup company BePooler, which has developed an innovative system for carpooling through a web platform and related app and has managed to entice none other than the Italian city of Milan.


Bitlumens brings solar power to people living in rural areas who dont have access to the power grid by collaborating with mini grid providers. Our device is a smart meter connected to our own software. All transactions are managed through the blockchain and the sensors are connected to LoraWan.

BluAct Technologies

BluAct membranes can be used effectively as an integral step in the purification of drinking water, as well as for the treatment of all types of wastewater. It can also serve as a method of reclaiming valuable metal ions from water such as gold, palladium, and platinum.


The CLEMAP One is an electrical energy sensor which is centrally installed in the electrical panel of a building and analyses through the innovative load disaggregation technology the energy consumption of private houses, small and medium companies.

drivemycar will provide an automated Car Sharing Platform for P2P, B2B and B2C Users with state-of-the-art telematic systems, which allow for Keyless Rentals around the clock. Our aim is to provide mobility to all without having to own a vehicle by sharing existing vehicles and thus contributing to the environment.

E-nno Switzerland

E-nno improves energy efficiency, by optimization, development, data analysis and consulting in the building and iot area.

EH Group Engineering

Their aim is to become a leader in the emerging hydrogen economy, via the commercialisation of a fuel cell based on a radical new design and the development of a transformative manufacturing technique that dramatically reduces costs.


We game change the way businesses and households get renewable energy. Our mission is to make green energy accessible for everybody. Our products are easy to use, reduce costs and improve energy efficiency. We connect renewable generators directly with residential and business consumers to buy and share green electricity through our digital platforms. We provide tailored white-labelled Software-as-a-Service solutions for enterprises and energy utilities.

EnCoTEc Innovation

EnCoTec Innovation develops and markets sector-coupling energy systems simultaneously providing electricity, heat and operating reserve. The use of climate-neutral fuels (biogas, power2X) ensures future oriented plant opera-tion. Flexible plant operation contributes to energy securi-ty and enables the increase of solar and wind based elec-tricity production.


Enerdrape turns existing underground environments into renewable source of energy for the heating and cooling needs of buildings. We develop an architecturally integrated technology that allows to capture both geothermal and waste heat present in underground existing environments, such as underground parking, tunnels, stations and others. Our solution offers an alternative, cost-effective and easier way to source renewable heat for heat pumps systems. Enabling the energy transition and access to affordable and efficient renewable energy systems in existing urban environments.


Eturnity provides a SaaS-platform for consultation & sales, dimensioning, simulation and implementation of building energy technologies. The platform covers the whole process from lead generation to individual offers and even the automated creation of administrative documents.


Exnaton empowers energy providers to push renewable energy forward by introducing local energy communities. Our product is a peer-to-peer trading software that matches demand and supply within the neighborhood. The software establishes smart prices for locally produced energy and makes renewable energy financially more attractive.


Gilytics provides power grid operators with a 3D power line routing software. Within a few seconds, our cloud platform calculates routes for new power line projects, for example connecting a wind farm with the existing power grid, with the least impact.

Green-Y Energy

Green-Y revolutionizes the energy sector: The combination of an electricity storage together with a heating and cooling unit in one decentralized device makes the integration of renewable energy on a large scale possible. An affordable and efficient system with unrivalled low amortization periods below 4 years results. Besides that, Green-Y is eco-friendly by using only air and water as working fluids.


Heizungsmacher AG, is a Swiss company specialising in the replacement of old heating systems with modern heat pumps as well as the planning and installation of photovoltaic systems in the segment of detached and semi-detached houses.


hiLyte-Power is a Swiss-based startup that aims at providing cheap clean energy for people who still use kerosene for lighting. The hiLyte battery produces enough power to both charge a phone and give light to a room for one night. All the consumables being non-toxic and easy to find everywhere on Earth. Even if the product is still in development, the field testing in summer 2018 has shown a very strong need for this product. The crowdfunding planed early 2019 will lead to put on sale the first batteries where it is needed. In addition of being a solution for light and phone charging to those without electricity access, the hiLyte battery is an excellent tool for teaching chemistry in schools worldwide.

Hive Power

Hive Power provides a SaaS for Smart Grid Analytics, to help Energy Suppliers and Grid Operators in optimising their operations and asset management. The solution includes tools for the forecasting of energy demand, scheduling of hydropower plant, designing new tariff schemes, and optimal management of energy communities and aggregated flexible loads.


"Hivoduct" is a high voltage power duct for electric power transmission using pressurized air for insulation. Its functionality is like lines or cables - but it transmits more power, uses less space, exhibits lower electromagnetic fields and has less losses. Hivoduct benefits grid operators, the environment and neighbourhoods.


Insolight has developed the most efficient flat PV solar module for the rooftop market.


Instead of letting valuable heat energy from shower water go to waste, the Joulia shower drain channel recovers this energy and provides a sustainable shower experience with the highest comfort level. Thanks to simple cold water diversion, the heat recovery system saves up to 60% energy


The lighting sector is responsible for 14 % of the electricity consumption - the saving potential is huge. LEDCity developed a click and play autonomous lighting system which pays for itself thanks to the 90 % reduction in energy consumption.


Our software LINIAair enables power grid operators to acquire a huge amount of data of infrastructure fast and autonomous with drones. Our cloud based platform LINIAgrid processes, visualizes and analyzes data with AI-algorithms, to find damage or threats to power lines. Benefits: The reliable data base and sophisticated analytics result in increased security of supply and less power outage for customers.


METHANOLOGY's technology liberates from fossil fuels. The use of this technology is the key to creating an independent, decentralized energy system. METHANOLOGY's Willpower system converts carbon dioxide from ambient air into high quality methanol, which is easy to store and can be used as fuel for heating purposes.


We turn Smart Home data into actionable insights. We make Smart Homes smart. We help our users all around the world save energy, feel more secure, sleep better and save time. We do so by combining smart devices from leading companies into mini-automations. Mini-automations get complex or annoying jobs done for you at your command. MOOST is the world's first solution that does not require any technical expertise nor expensive installations. Our automations are ready-to-use, configured for your individual home and super easy to install and adapt.


myFacility offers an autonomous building operation software for heating, ventilation and cooling systems that works through usage-driven control and artificial intelligence. It promises continuous energy consumption optimization and simplified technical facility management.


Internet platform for buying ecological added value of electricity products or switching to high quality products with the own provider.


Ormera is a blockchain based online platform for administration and invoicing local grids. Ormera simplifies the complexity of electricity billing and the associated administrative processes as a service. Ormera ist designed for tenants, local grid owners or investors for PV plants.


Plutinsus develops a software system that can easily integrate data with all its detail from any source and can interactively visualize this data to business end users, from experts to occasional users, for understanding relationships, cause-and-effects and, therefore, potential risks in their business. Such explorative analysis is used for the purposes of strategic and operational planning, forecasting, monitoring and incident analysis. The data could come from internal sources (ERP, GIS, BIM), external sources (weather, environment, governmental institutions), energy models (long- and short-term supply and demand) and sensors (smart meters, network management system).

R8 Technologies

R8 Technologies is a company that's focused on decreasing energy consumption in commercial properties whilst keeping an outstanding indoor climate for every room and area simultaneously adding significant savings for both the building owners and managers.


Skypull is developing an altitude wind power system based on a fully autonomous drone that captures the energy from the strong, abundant and constant altitude winds through a ground-based generator. Skypull has proprietary, high-efficiency and resilient airframe that makes it more deployable and versatile than its competitors.

Smart Energy Link

Smart Energy Link makes solar power usable in multi-party houses and in residential areas: simple, economical and ecological. The intelligent control system optimizes the own consumption of solar power and measures and bills the energy consumption within own consumption communities.


SmartHelio is a clean-tech start-up based in Lausanne, Switzerland. We optimise the return on investment for both solar roof-top companies and their clients using our IoT sensor and AI-based data analytics.

Swiss Precision Lighting

We develop high-precision lighting systems that significantly reduce light pollution in adjacent areas and power consumption compared to conventional systems.


Detection of trace-impurities in ultrapure water UNISERS created a fully-automated universal chemical sensor capable of identifying multiple and different impurities in water. This technology will help the semiconductors industry to maintain the purity level of the rinsing water in the chip production, eventually improving the reliability and the manufacturing yield of the chips.

Urban Sympheny

Urban Sympheny offers a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform to support the optimized planning of energy systems for neighborhoods, campuses, communities and urban districts. Using cutting edge algorithms, we empower energy planners to quickly and accurately identify the optimal energy supply solution for any site. Our software fits ideally with current planning workflows, enabling energy planners to quickly evaluate a broad range of conventional and novel supply solutions, and to consider multiple demand vectors simultaneously.


Urbio is a software for planning sustainable cities that combines the strengths of humans and artificial intelligence.


Wegaw process remote sensing satellite data with machine learning to optimize renewable energy production and trading, helping energy utilities and trading companies to forecast better energy production improving distribution, generation and trading of renewable energy.


Zevvy provides an online tool to bill solar energy in multi-family houses.


We are pleased to announce the following startups who have been selected for the 2020 Energy Startup Day Awards. 

Public Choice Award2Investors Choice Award2Experts Choice Impact Award2

Award Winner Podcast Interviews with Swisspreneur

✨ Public Choice Award : Insolight

✨ Investors Choice Award : Exnaton

✨ Experts Choice Award : BluAct Technologies

Public Choice Award

After each startup pitch in the afternoon of Energy Startup Day, the participants are able to judge the startup based on three criteria: uniqueness, impact and feasibility. At the end of all the pitching, the startup with the highest average score will be announced.

logo public award3x

Investor’s Choice Award

We asked the investors involved in the Investor Speed Dating who they wanted to meet at Energy Startup Day and their collective interest decided the winner.

logo investors award3x

Expert’s Choice Impact Award

A selected group of 50+ Swiss energy and cleantech experts reviewed the Energy Startup Day startups for their potential impact on the global energy transition based on: uniqueness of solution, importance of problem, impact of solution, scalability and website impressions. The winning startup has the highest average score across the categories.

logo expert impact award3x

Expert Panel

We want to thank the Experts who helped to make the Expert's Choice Impact Award possible.

Adrian W. Müller - Head, Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship - ZHAW

Adriano Bürgi - Regional Startup Accelerator Lead, DACH - EIT Climate-KIC

Anaïs Sägesser - STRIDE - the unSchool for Collaborative Leadership & Social Innovation 

Andreas Rothen - CEO - act Cleantech Agentur Schweiz 

Angela Beckenbauer - Head Center of Business Innovation - ZHAW

Anne-Claire Pliska - Strategical Planning and Innovation Group Director - BG Consulting Engineers

Annina Faes - Cleantech Specialist, Knowledge and Technology Transfer - Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE)

Armin Eberle - Dozent/Institutsleiter - ZHAW

Beata Gruschka - Lead Runway Startup Incubator - ZHAW 

Brigitta Kratz - Partner - Stifter & Partner Rechtsanwälte

Christian Schaffner - Executive Director, Energy Science Center - ETH Zürich

Christian Winzer - Lecturer - ZHAW

Christian Zeyer - CEO - swisscleantech

Christina Marchand - Researcher - ZHAW

Claudio Cometta - Professor for Innovation & Entrepreneurship - ZHAW

Daniel Wiener - President - Global Infrastructure Basel Foundation (GIB)

David Avery - Head of Cleantech - Switzerland Global Enterprise

David Stickelberger - Managing Director - Swissolar, Swiss Solar Energy Professionals Association

Eric Plan - General Sekretär - CleantechAlps

Fabienne Sierro - Research Associate - ZHAW

Georg Meier - Partner - Energie Zukunft Schweiz AG

Jacqueline Jakob - CEO - Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector

Karin Roesel - Senior Strategy Manager - CKW

Lea Trogrlic - PhD Student - EPFL

Marcel Frei - retired - former CEO - ewz - Elektrizitätswerk der Stadt Zürich

Marcus Cathomen - Project Manager Technology & Innovation - ewz

Martin Feuz - Senior Lecturer and Researcher - ZHAW

Matthias Filser - Head, Center for Entrepreneurship - ZHAW

Metin Zerman - Investment Manager - Energie 360° AG

Noemi Rom - Digital Consulting - Zühlke Engineering AG

Oliver Marchand - Global Head of ESG Models & Research - MSCI

Oliver Wimmer - Leiter Internationale Projekte - AEE SUISSE

Patrik Brandenberg - Former Board Member / Assistant - Student Impact/ University of St. Gallen

Patrick Jiranek - Senior Project Manager - Stadt Zürich, Umwelt und Gesundheitsschutz

Peter Schmid - Senior Advisor - BV4 AG

Pol Budmiger - Startup Coach - Innosuisse

Rainer Kyburz - Leiter Technologiemanagement - CKW

Ray Neubauer - CEO & Founder - Ahoy-Hoy GmbH

Regina Betz - Head of Center/Professor - ZHAW

Regis Vonarb - Head of Industrial engineering and Lean Management - Liebherr Machines Bulle

Rolf Iten - Managing Partner - Infras Consulting and Research Zurich

Romeo Deplazes - Head of Solutions, Deputy CEO - Energie 360° AG

Ruth Happersberger - Member of the executive board / Head of strategy, participations and corporate venture capital (Smart Energy Innovationsfonds AG) - Energie 360° AG

Susanne Rutz - Projektleiterin Energie und Klima - Stiftung Pusch praktischer Umweltschutz

Thomas Schumann - Managing Director - Technopark Winterthur

Ursula Woodtli - CEO - Gewerbeverband der Stadt Zürich

Walter Steinmann - Owner Steinmann Consulting - Steinmann Consulting