Energy Startup Day 2022 Highlights

This was the Energy Startup Day 2022.

  • 37 Startup from the Energy, Mobility and Smart Building Sector with Pitches and Poster Session.
  • Our keynote Simone Riedel Riley, General Manager Technology Fund with insights into the latest developments of the support system.
  • Public Choice Award * FreeSun * , Experts Choice Award  * Librec * , Investors Choice Award * WattAnyWhere *
  • A networking Apero to meet and collaborate with Energy Enthusiasts
  • A joint-create Session with the Energy Lab


Energy Startup Day Booklet

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Some Impressions from the Event 2022

Startups 2022


aliunid is a digital resource for energy suppliers, grid operators and energy producers. Thanks to their comprehensive solution, one can design energy services more efficiently and thus more sustainably - and in real time. The end customers, both households and businesses, experience aliunid as a user-friendly smart home or smart business solution. facilitates energy storage research & development by providing access to advanced information analysis tools and collaborations.


BePooler is a smart mobility operator focused on travel sharing (Private Car, Shuttle, Taxi, Car Sharing, etc.), offering a technologically advanced car pooling platform dedicated to commuters and business travelers in Europe

Beyond Scroll

Beyond Scroll contributes to the global energy transition by offering small-sized compressors tailored to different applications - compressed air energy storage, off-grid electricity, AC systems and hydrogen refueling stations. They can provide affordable compressor with higher pressure lift compared with the peers, operating without any drop of oil.


CLEMAP is specialized in the metering and evaluation of energy data through their proprietary IoT Edge Device and Cloud solution. Important fields of application are the dynamic charging of EV, energy monitoring of industrial applications and flexibility management in decentralized energy grids.

eCarUp AG

eCarUp is a free backend for EV charging stations. With eCarUp you monitor and monetize your charging stations conveniently online. With the help of the eCarUp web platform, including maintenance tools, billing solution, live monitoring as well as our charging app, charging is simplified for drivers and charge point operators worldwide. Independent of the charging station used, fully automated and with a simple pricing model.

EH Group Engineering

EH Group promotes clean energy and is focused on the design and production of our innovative fuel cell technology. Their innovative and patented fuel cell technology offers high power density, simplified system architecture and scalable fuel cell production.


Emost AG envisions a world without diesel generators. Our innovative mobile battery systems and IoT platform for off-grid energy-as-a-service offer a silent, low-maintenance, and emission-free alternative for the construction, event, and film sectors across Europe.


EnergyXploit heats and cools down buildings in a more efficient way using energy piles and deep drilling applications as their key geothermic energy sources. In their business field “renovation of existing buildings” they replace oil / gas heating systems. They install a cooling and heating system which is later fixed to walls and covers. Thus, they play a crucial part in reducing CO2. In their strategic business unit “new buildings”, they provide total energy solutions. Finally, in their third business field they offer strategic and operative consulting services to optimize energy efficiency and reducing CO2 along the supply chain. Following a systemic approach, they optimize the complete system energy pile / deep drilling heat pipes – heat pump – solar / photovoltaic unit. As they integrate their strategic project partners right from the beginning in the planning phase of a construction project, they reduce interfaces and increase efficiency thus they offer professional project management.


Exnaton is an ETH Spinoff that builds a software platform for the energy market of tomorrow. The software empowers utility companies to set up energy communities and dynamic tariffing models for renewable energy in an easy way. Using The Exnaton's software, utilities can tap into new revenue streams and offer new innovative products to their customers, e.g. households can directly buy renewable electricity from their neighbors on the PowerQuartier platform and can track their environmental impact with the PowerQuartier whitelabel app.

Freesuns SA

Freesuns designs, manufactures and installs beautifully integrated solar roof tiles for residential, commercial and heritage buildings.


Green-Y revolutionizes the energy sector: The combination of an electricity storage together with a heating and cooling unit in one decentralized device makes the integration of renewable energy on a large scale possible. A profitable and efficient system with unrivalled low amortization periods around 5 years results. Besides that, Green-Y is eco-friendly by using only air and water as working fluids.

Hero Renewable Energy GmbH

Hero Renewable Energy GmbH was founded by Their innovative hero.flat modules elevate the energy production to a new level and the world novelty hero.wind produces electricity and heat by combining PV, wind energy and thermal heat. Electricity can be produced around the clock, thus a new extent of energy independence can be reached.


Hivoduct is a Swiss High-Tech startup which develops and produces “pressurized air cables” for medium- and high-voltage applications. Pressurized air cables have improved technical parameters compared to overhead lines and traditional cables. They improve efficiency, transmit more power, use less space, are fireproof and have lowest outside magnetic fields. Hivoduct cables benefit grid operators, system integrators, the environment, and neighbourhoods.


The HTDS will set a new standard for the e-mobility market. To achieve this, we need to change our mindset. Power comes from the battery. A lot of power quickly empties the battery. HTDS stands for a lot of torque with little power consumption.


INERGIO develops low-cost decentralized energy solution serving consumer, security, off-grid industry and robotic systems. Their lightweight fuel cell power packs are operating based on widely available butane/propane providing a reliable, lightweight and eco-friendly solution at high autonomy.


The lighting sector is responsible for 14 % of the electricity consumption - the saving potential is huge. LEDCity develops sensor-controlled lighting system to reduce the energy consumption of business buildings.


With innovative process technology, Librec achieves unprecedented 90% recovery of all battery components. They operate at zero-emission and more than half of the consumed energy comes from the batteries and own solar panels. Compared to mining the required battery materials Librec’s recycling saves 8.1 tonnes of CO₂ per tonne. Compared to previous recycling technologies Librec saves 4.8 tonnes of CO₂ per tonne. Also, the dramatic damage of mining to the earth’s crust and environment, as well as to the affected populations’ health is avoided. Finally, enormous transportation efforts become unnecessary. Closed-Loop Battery Recycling.


The software LINIAair enables power grid operators to acquire a huge amount of data of infrastructure fast and autonomous with drones. Their cloud based platform LINIAgrid processes, visualizes and analyzes data with AI-algorithms, to find damage or threats to power lines.


MOOST is a SaaS solution for Utilities and Home Energy Service providers. Its award-winning technology turns households‘ energy data into smart recommendations and controls. This reduces households‘ energy bill up to 40%, saves +1Mt GHG emissions and yields +CHF 1.3M additional ARR for customers.


myFacility connects heating, ventilation and IoT systems in buildings and reduces energy costs and CO2 emissions using artificial intelligence.

myNewEnergy AG

myNewEnergy operates a sustainable and comprehensive electricity comparison service with direct ordering options for private and SME-customers. In addition to price, product quality is also taken into account, which is measured in terms of the energy transition.

Perovskia Solar AG

PEROVSKIA SOLAR AG is a Swiss cleantech startup that provides digitally printed customizable solar cells to OEMs. Our technology allows innovative award-winning next-gen products like BHeart from Baracoda, France, which bagged the CES, Las Vegas, Innovation Award in the sustainability category. The solar cells are tailored to seamlessly integrate into electronic devices & sensors. Our versatile technology offers breakthrough performance at disruptive costs. Our cells operate efficiently even in low-light conditions like homes & offices. In the first year of operation, we have acquired 15 paying customers and are generating revenues.


Plutinsus helps energy service providers and building owners to make the maintenance of their heating systems more efficient, to maximise the life expectancy of these systems, and to optimize the heating-related fuel or electricity consumption.

Qaptis Sàrl

Qaptis is a Swiss cleantech startup that develops a CO2 capture kit to solve the challenge of decarbonizing the freight industry. The CO2 kit can capture up to 90% of the CO2 emitted by trucks or ships by storing the CO2 in a liquid directly on board. It is also possible to recycle the CO2 into plastics, building materials or for CO2 sequestration.

ShadeMe Sàrl

ShadeMe is a Swiss start-up to deliver smart blinds and smart shading controllers to commerical buildings. ShadeMe offers decentralized anti-glare fully automated blinds for office buildings, which embed a compact controller integrating sensors and processors inside, employing the most advanced technology to protect users from disturbance of the strong sunlight. They maintain sufficient daylight in the building, while saving lighting, cooling and heating energy.

STOR-H Technologies SA

STOR-H Technologies SA has developed a new standard for low-pressure hydrogen storage, in the form of a small, lightweight cartridge, providing a hydrogenbased solution for light electric vehicles. Leveraging on this innovation, STOR-H Technologies SA offers hydrogen-based green mobility-as-a-service through an eco-system of partners, delivering flexible urban mobility, fluid and secure access to clean energy, in an environmentally friendly manner.

Tesenso GmbH

Tesenso AG is an IoT technology company providing energy management and ESG supply chain management solutions for national and international customers. In the field of energy management, we offer real estate funds and managers an AI and IoT based solution for automated heating optimization and energy management and controlling. Our solution is also Minergie certified and thus nationally recognized and listed. In addition, our IoT platform and hardware technology is also used by one of the largest commodity companies in the world to provide digital proof of origin for the supply chain of electric car batteries.

Urban Sympheny AG

Sympheny empowers planners to develop optimized energy supply solutions for any site with ease. Their software enables planners to take a truly holistic perspective in planning the energy supply system for a site - considering interactions and synergies.


Urbio's SaaS platform accelerates 10x the decarbonization of buildings with generative AI, enabling energy actors to make the best investments for individual buildings, entire portfolios – or even large cities.

Virtual Global Trading AG

VGTs platform includes all the necessary tools and integrations for the digitalization of all energy topics - whether for e-mobility, smart building, peer-to-peer trading or the visualization of energy consumption. Each individual module offers energy suppliers and their customers great added value - and together they are unbeatable.


Voltiris develops and markets photovoltaic modules for glass greenhouses. It allows greenhouse owners to transform their greenhouses into renewable powerplants, effectively improving the viability of their operations and reducing their carbon footprint.


Modular Energy Storage Systems for a renewable age!


WattAnyWhere is developing a high-power, zero-emission and CO2-neutral generator that converts renewable ethanol into clean electricity, boosting e-mobility and energy autonomy - an environmentally friendly alternative to the grid, delivered to your charging point or building in hours instead of years!


Wegaw process remote sensing satellite data with machine learning to optimize renewable energy production and trading, helping energy utilities and trading companies to forecast better energy production improving distribution, generation and trading of renewable energy.


Yuxi optimizes the energy efficiency of and indoor quality in complex commercial buildings. Our algorithms leverage operational data from buildings to drastically increase (by 30%) the performance of its Building Management Systems. Yuxi: Advancing net zero buildings!

zevvy AG

zevvy helps owners of multi family houses to easily bill their complex energy costs with an intelligent online platform. This includes solar power, heat, cooling or charging stations. More than 5000 flats are billed with zevvy and the trend of energy communities in Europe just pick up speed.